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Thunivu: The Blockbuster



Thunivu is a 2023 Tamil action movie which was written,directed and produced by Boney Kapoor.The movie, the third between Ajith, Vinoth, and Kapoor following Ner Konda Paarvai (2019) and Valimai (2022), was announced with the working title AK61 (Ajith’s 61st film in a leading role) in February 2022. In Hyderabad and Bangkok, principal photography began in April and ended that October.In September, the moniker it was revealed. This movie was presented in theaters the week of Pongal on January 11, 2023. The movie was a commercial hit despite the reviewers’ mixed opinions.


In the opening scene of thunivu movie, several men in masks heist a bank. A mysterious individual only known as Daredevil is the heist’s mastermind. Former soldier Daredevil was betrayed by his own nation. He now makes use of his talents to rob the wealthy and give to the underprivileged.The cops are after Daredevil, but they cannot match his abilities. Daredevil always has the upper hand. The corporate bank that has been charged with robbing victims of their money is Daredevil’s next target. Despite the bank’s strict security, Daredevil is sure he can carry out the theft. He has a strategy for turning off the security system so he can enter and exit covertly.The heist is successfully completed, and Daredevil and his crew escape with a sizable sum of money. The police are still pursuing them, though. They follow Daredevil to his hiding place, but he manages to flee.

Although Daredevil is currently wanted, he is unafraid. He is aware that taking from the wealthy and giving to the underprivileged is the proper thing to do. 

The action movie Thunivu is well-made and has a powerful social message. H Vinoth, who previously directed Nerkonda Paarvai (2019) and Valimai (2022), is the film’s director. Vinoth does an excellent job directing Thunivu and has a talent for writing tense, action-packed scenes.

Ajith Kumar plays the lead in the movie. Popular Tamil actor Ajith is well-known for his action films. He has a tremendous performance in this movie and plays Daredevil with great enthusiasm.

The ensemble cast is also strong. The character of a police officer trying to apprehend Daredevil is played by Manju Warrier. Samuthirakani portrays a corrupt politician who took part in the bank heist. As a hacker, John Kokken assists Daredevil in carrying out the theft. Ajay plays a demolition specialist who assists Daredevil in disabling the security system. Veera plays a sharpshooter who aids Daredevil in defending himself from the law.

The movie delivers a potent social message. In the movie, a man utilizes his abilities to rob the wealthy and give to the underprivileged. The movie is a critique of the inequality in society. 

A well-made action movie with a compelling social message is Thunivu. Fans of Ajith Kumar and action films must see the movie.

Critical response

Critics had differing opinions of it. The movie received plaudits for its action scenes and Ajith Kumar’s acting, but it received flak for its plodding pace and predictable story.According to The Times of India, It is a “slick action thriller that is sure to please fans of Ajith Kumar,” awarding it 3.5 out of 5 stars. The Hindu scored the movie 2.5 stars out of 5 and stated that “Thunivu is a disappointing film that fails to live up to its potential.”

Film Thunivu All Time Collection by Ajith Kumar

With Thalapathy Vijay’s Varisu and Ajith Kumar’s Thunivu competing against each other at the box office during Pongal 2023, we witnessed one of the biggest clashes in Kollywood history. Even though Ajith’s movie did well for itself and was a commercial success, Vijay’s movie ultimately came out on top. Let’s now examine its complete collection from throughout the globe.

The action film is directed by H. Vinoth and features Manju Warrier, Samuthirakani, and others. When the movie first aired, the reviews from critics were conflicting. However, it was favorably received by the general audience and ended up being his second-highest grossing movie globally.

thunivu movie


Day Collection Amount

Day 1 22.5 Crore

Day 2   11.4 Crore

Day 3  8.15 Crore

Day 4 10.85 Crore

Day 5 11.65 Crore

Day 6 10.6 Crore

Day 7 9.4 Crore

Day 8  3.65 Crore

Day 9 2.5 Crore

Day 10 2.55 Crore

Day11  4.55 Crore

Day 12 5.5 Crore

Day 13 1.48 Crore

Day 14 1.13 Crore

Day 15 1.05 Crore

Day 16 2.15 Crore

Day 17 0.95 Crore

Day 18 1.64 Crore

Day 19 1.86 Crore

Day 20 0.64 Crore

Day 21 0.6 Crore

Day 22 0.55 Crore

Day 23 0.52 Crore

Day 24 0.2 Crore

Day 25 0.42 Crore

Day 26 0.55 Crore

Day 27 0.17 Crore

Day 28 0.14 Crore

Day 29 0.15 Crore

Day 30 0.12 Crore

Day 31 0.05 Crore

Day 32 0.1 Crore

Total Collection 117.38 Crore

Worldwide Collection 200.57 crores

Global Collection 200.5 7 billion

Thunivu: Finance

The 200 Crore budget for Thunivu covered costs like printing, advertising, and actor wages.

Thunivu: A Hit Or A Miss

Based on how well it performed at the global box office, It is recognised as a success. It had the potential to surpass Viswasam as Ajith Kumar’s highest-grossing film, but it fell just short as Viswasam earned 205 Crores at the box office.

Box Office sold

The movie Thunivu was financially successful. Over 100 crore (US$13 million) were made by the movie globally.


Q1. What happens in the movie Thunivu?

Ans. Vinoth K. wrote and directed the Tamil-language drama movie titled Thunivu. Vikram Prabhu, Samuthirakani, and Aishwarya Rajesh play the main characters in the movie. The story centers on the lives of a young man who is seeking acceptance in society.

Q2. When was the movie Thunivu released?

Ans. The Indian film Thunivu was released on June 24, 2022.

Q3. Who are the members of the Thunivu cast and crew?

Ans. The following people are part of the Thunivu cast and crew:
Arul’s father, played by Vikram Prabhu, is Arul Samuthirakani.
The love interest for Arul is Aishwarya Rajesh.
Director Vinoth K., Producer Balasubramanyam, Music Composer D. Imman, Cinematographer Sukumaran, Editor Ruben

Q4. What are the movie Thunivu reviews like?

Ans. The critics have given the movie Thunivu favorable reviews. The movie has received accolades for its accurate depiction of rural life, its potent performances, and its stirring emotional effect

Q5. Where can I find the movie Thunivu?

Ans. Amazon Prime Video is presently offering the movie Thunivu for streaming.

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