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The Top 10 Cultural Festivals In America You Should Attend

Cultural Festivals In America

Cultural festivals are of huge importance as they connect people’s hearts and bind them together in a specific culture. When in a country or a state, there are different people that belong to different cultures, and there are always different cultural festivals that they celebrate and enjoy.

When a person is induced into any kind of cultural festival, it gives them a feeling of great pride and enthusiasm that they are being led by a great leader who follows or finds this specific culture. 

In America, there is a diversity in the population in which different religious people reside and follow their culture. When there are so many culturally oriented people living in a country, they always celebrate many cultural events and festivals.

In America, there are a number of cultural festivals that are organized every year by different communities that belong to different cultural backgrounds and follow different ethnicities and values. 

10 Best Cultural Festivals In America That You Should Know About Before The End Of 2022.

New Orleans Mardi Gras

This is one of the most well-known festivals that is celebrated in America for a time period of at least 2 weeks. It is said that the best time to celebrate this festival is after Shrove Tuesday and it should be stressed that it ends on Ash Wednesday.

When this festival is conducted, some small and huge parades are held in the country or nearby religion for the entire 2 weeks, and the last 5 days are the largest parades that took place.

This festival is basically organized by social clubs that are located in the city, and to make the festival more enjoyable and engaging, the parades that take place are highly interesting and culturally organized. 

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 

As the name implies, this is an international balloon festival in which hot air balloons are flown over the entire city of New Mexico. This event takes place in early October and continues for a period of 90 days during which over 500 balloons are flown each year. 

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

This is a genetic festival in which places or acts are performed on stage during the Shakespeare season. This Shakespeare season starts in February and is stressful for a long period of time till November. For this particular festival, an Oregon theater is used by the people to play 11 plays on different stages.

One of the most interesting facts about this festival is that all of Shakespeare’s plays are performed at least 300 times, and over 15 million people emerge to watch these plays.

Burning Man

It is also an annual festival that is celebrated in the Black Rock City of Nevada by the cultural people residing there. It is an event that is based on 10 principles like self-reliance, self-expression, gifting, and many more and took place at the end of August and was stressed too early September. 

Frozen Guy Cultural Festival 

It is a cultural festival that takes place on the first weekend of March and includes various activities that keep people entertained and engaged. Moreover, one of the most famous activities in this entire festival is a contest for the frozen dead guy look alike. 

Aloha Festivals

This is one of the most famous cultural festivals that take place in the state of Hawaii, in which a series of cultural celebrations usually take place. There are a number of activities and events that took places, such as concerts, parades, street parties, and various others.

Many residents and families took part in this festival, and the most interesting fact is that many tourists also came from other countries to see this festival. The festival, despite taking place in different Iceland, takes place on a single island to preserve Hawaiian culture and heritage. 

Cheyenne Frontier Days.

This festival is an outdoor rodeo festival that enthusiastically takes place and attracts a lot of people. The event started with a casual walk in the street a day before the actual event took place, and it includes many other events, games, fairs, and food stalks. 

Fantasy Fest

It is one of the best annual festivals that take place in a street party that is held in the last week of October. This is a normal and small one-day festival but attracts a large number of people as the main concentration of the entire festival is on bars on the street. The festival also supports body painting and different styles. 

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 

As the name reflects, it is a famous and amazing festival that is celebrated in the form of stunt races and motorcycle rallies in the country of South Dakota. It attracts a large number of motorcyclists from different parts of the country who want to showcase their talent at the festival. 

Coachella Valley Music And Art Festival

This is a festival celebrated in California that is conducted over a period of 2 weekends and includes a huge celebration in the form of music, dance, and a platform open to all music and dance lovers. There are several stages that are set up exclusively for the purpose of continuously hosting live music in the entire field.