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Revolutionizing Bihar Board Exam Preparation with Tech Ranjay

tech ranjay

Tech Ranjay shines in online education, especially for Bihar government school students in the tenth and twelve grades. As well as providing critical services, Ranjay’s multi-faceted platform affects YouTube with its huge video and information collection. We’ll keep exploring Technical Ranjay vast YouTube channel for wisdom.

What is Tech Ranjay?

For those unfamiliar, Tech Ranjay is a great online resource for Bihar government school students in tenth and twelfth grades. This charitable website lets students obtain fake admittance cards, registration cards, and study materials for free. It also gives essential test dates and news. Students’ ability to get their admission cards with one click shows the platform’s dedication to convenience.

Is There Any YouTube Channel of Tech Ranjay?

No doubt! One of the most popular YouTube channels is Technical Ranjay, which launched four or five years ago. The channel’s 15,000 videos and 9 lakh subscribers provide high-quality educational information for students. Similarly, “Ranjay Classes” has over 44,000 followers and 200 videos.

Content Offered on Tech Ranjay YouTube Channel

This platform YouTube channel shows its dedication to teaching. Students studying for the Bihar Board 10 and 12 examinations may find many helpful videos online. This video series discusses test formats, preparation tactics, and board exam advancements. It delivers complete data in all domains.

Ranjay’s Lessons Improve Knowledge

Ranjay Classes, an affiliated YouTube channel, supports Tech Ranjay by delivering learning material. Ranjay Classes offers a wide range of topics and perspectives to provide its audience with a complete education. The films cover several subjects, giving pupils a well-rounded education.

Board Test Data Collection

It’s YouTube channel is crucial for Bihar Board examinations for classes 10 and 12. The channel offers everything from exam prep to subject-specific advice to help students throughout their academic careers. In addition to typical study tools, amusing and educational movies are invaluable.


Along with its YouTube channel, it has a significant internet presence on On December 5, 2019, Ranjay founded this website to provide important information about the Bihar Board’s tenth and twelfth-grade examinations. Kids gain from its expansion to government and matriculation tests. Students may read and download subject-specific study resources for free, promoting self-study.


Tech Ranjay The YouTube channel is essential to the organization’s educational empowerment strategy. It uses online and video material to provide Bihar kids with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve academically. Educational ideas abound on it’s YouTube channel, making learning entertaining and accessible. This applies whether you want additional knowledge or board exam prep.

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