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Platform to Improve Education Across the State of UP

Prer Na

There are various modifications taking place in education to improve the quality of education in every state in the form of textbooks, programs, etc. Designing and implementing this kind of program at the state level is complex and enormous. One such program is up, the flagship program of the Uttar Pradesh government to improve the quality of education in about 1.6 lakh schools that run under the basic shiksha department across the state. Let’s learn more about this mission in detail by reading further. 

About up Prer Na:

The Mission Up Prer na was initiated by the Department of Basic Education of the government of Uttar Pradesh, and it aims to change the educational landscape to some extent in the state. The government indulged completely in enhancing the quality of education for about 1.6 lakh schools around the state. This is done by providing free and compulsory education without compromising the quality of education for students who are about fourteen years old. 


The main aim of this mission is to improve basic education and to provide education to every financially weaker child. The mission initiates it for free to every student up to the age of fourteen. The mission focuses on mobilizing resources, leveraging technology, and improving the overall education experience for students equally to the entire state. The program emphasizes to enable the children in comprehensive reading and learn basic arithmetic. Reading, writing, and basic arithmetic are essential for overall academic progress. 

Strategies applied to accomplish the mission:

The mission up prer na has taken some measures to achieve these benefits.

To promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills, it introduces a child-centric and age-appropriate curriculum. Teachers have been given training for professional development programs to enhance their capacity. They ensure that all the children have benefited through this program, like differently-abled students, children from all socio-economic backgrounds, gender equality, etc. The mission facilitates the communities to partake vigorously in the academic process to improve the accountability of the management and functioning of schools. 


The mission up prer na is initiated to ensure the minimum level of learning for all the children. It enables the applicants who applied for free education to access and utilize this portal on mobile devices. The only motto of this program is to bring positive changes in primary education across the state.