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Who is Jon Scheyer wife? Know About Jon Scheyer’s Bio, Early Life, and Much More!

Jon Scheyer wife

Jon Scheyer wife: With Duke Blue Fiends coach Jon Scheyer and his team competing in this year’s NCAA March Madness competition, fans are wondering about his personal life. As it turns out, playing for Duke University as a student many centuries ago wasn’t the only memorable part of his collegiate career. During his period at Duke, Scheyer also met his wife, who appeared at the rival University of North Carolina school. The relationship that defied an ancient rivalry between the two programs saw the pair wed in 2013, with numerous of Scheyer’s former teammates in attendance.

Of course, at the same while, Scheyer also had a standout career with Duke, winning the 2010 NCAA March Madness championship as a guard. As he expired through his career as a player, Jon Scheyer’s wife continued to get better, up to a massive senior year. Employing a first-team All-American, he recorded 15 points, five sheets, and five contributions in the challenge game. After a brief stint overseas, he returned to the program in 2013 using an assistant coach, with his new wife by his side. The following year, he was encouraged to be a full assistant coach, where his storied career continued.

Jon Scheyer’s run as Duke coach

Since linking Duke University as a coach, Scheyer has completed his presence felt both in the locker room and during the offseason. As an assistant, he led the team to the March Madness tournament four times, with an Elite Eight appearance in 2018. Once famed coach Mike Krzewski emeritus in 2021, Scheyer was named the replacement head coach of the package. Between his ability to help develop talent, much like Coach K, besides the touch only a former player can bring, he has found inordinate success.

This season, he controlled the Duke Blue Devils to an ACC tournament win, giving them the chance to contend for an NCAA March Madness title. So, what is the secret to his recent success as head coach? He spoke to Slam to debate the things he learned from Coach K.

Inopportunely, for Scheyer, the Duke Blue Devils came up short contrary to the Tennessee Volunteers on Saturday, marking an early exit from the competition. With Scheyer’s success throughout the year, it will be interesting to see by what means the next few go for him and the team. Below, you can see Scheyer talking with CBS about filling Coach K’s shoes.

Who is Jon Scheyer wife?

Jon Scheyer wife: Jon Scheyer is happily wedded to Marcelle Provincial, and their journey began with a four-year dating before they exchanged vows. In addition to being Jon’s life partner, Marcelle is a veteran registered nurse with a decade of involvement in the medical field. She has dedicated her help to the medical ICU at Rush University Medical Center and the cardiac ICU at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Marcelle received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Florida State University.

Despite her presence on social media, Marcelle maintains a subtle profile, valuing the privacy of her personal life. The couple wrapped their commitment in 2017, and their family has since grown to contain two charming children: a daughter named Noa and a son baptized Jett. Jon Scheyer occasionally offers glimpses into their family life by posting pictures on his official Instagram account, allowing followers to share in their joyous moments.

Jon Scheyer’s Early Life

From a primary age, Jon Scheyer, born on August 24, 1987, in Northbrook, Illinois, was educated with a deep-seated love for basketball. Raised in a Jewish household by his parents, Laury, besides Jim Scheyer, he thrived in the sport through his formative years. At Glenbrook North High School, Jon’s ability in basketball turn out to be evident. In his children’s year, he was pivotal in guiding the Spartans to victory, sealing the Class AA state basketball championship in the Prairie State High School Association.

An extraordinary and historical aspect of this achievement was the configuration of the winning team— an all-Jewish initial lineup. Jon Scheyer’s leadership and skills left an ineradicable mark on the basketball landscape, underscoring the significance of multiplicity and accomplishment in the sport.

Jon Scheyer’s Professional Career

Contemplating an illustrious college career, Jon Scheyer faced the disappointment of being undrafted in the 2010 NBA Draft. His resilience was tested when he contributed to the Miami Heat Las Vegas Summer League that identical year, only to endure a significant setback—a severe eye injury through a game. Despite these challenges, Scheyer remained undeterred and continued his basketball journey, playing for squads such as Gran Canaria, Maccabi Tel Aviv, and the Rio Grande Valley Vipers.


The growth of Jon Scheyer or Jon Scheyer wife from an accomplished basketball player to an admired coach is genuinely inspiring. Beyond his professional triumphs, his personal life through his wife Marcelle and their two children adds a layer of joy and fulfillment to his voyage. As Jon Scheyer remains at the forefront of shaping the future of Duke basketball, his cliques eagerly anticipate the success and milestones that lie ahead, poised that his dedication and expertise will continue to leave a permanent mark on the sport.


Q1. When did Jon Scheyer, besides Marcelle Provencial, tie the knot?

Jon Scheyer, in addition to Marcelle Provencial, switched vows in 2017.

Q2.  What is Marcelle Provencial’s occupation?

Marcelle Provincial works as a registered nurse.

Q3. How many kids does Jon Scheyer have, besides Marcelle Provencial?

Jon Scheyer and Marcelle Provencial are parents to two children: a daughter baptized Noa and a son named Jett.

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